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Commercial Laundry

When you own a business there is always plenty to keep you busy. One of the most time consuming chores is doing the laundry. Even if you are paying an employee to do it, that is a waste of resources because that employee could be doing something much more productive. But laundry still needs to be done. No one says that you have to do it. 

Bunnell's Laundry Room's commercial laundry service can take care of all of your laundry needs. We will work with whatever type of laundry that you have to give us.

  • Gyms / Spas - towels and robes
  • Industrial Businesses - uniforms, rags, towels
  • Colleges - student laundry, department laundry
  • Sports Teams - uniforms, towels
  • Restaurants / Catering - chair covers, linen napkins, tablecloths
  • Hotels / Motels - towels, comforters, sheets
  • Mechanics –uniforms, work rags
  • Hospitals / Clinics - uniforms, bed linens, scrubs
  • Doctor's Offices –uniforms, gowns
  • Pet Grooming –towels, pet beds
  • Airbnb / VRBO - area rugs, towels, beach towels, sheets, blankets, kitchen towels

If your don't see your business on the list, don't worry. We have industrial machines that can handle just about anything.

Servicing parts of Flagler County, Volusia County and St. John's County:

Flagler Beach - Ormond Beach - Palm Coast

The laundry service cost depends on how much laundry you generate, how often you require our service, and what type of laundry it is. For a bid, email us: or call us: 386-263-7884.

Commercial Laundry Services for Hotels and Motels

Motels and hotels are responsible for laundering a ton of laundry every day. Just about everything in a hotel room needs to be cleaned - sheets, blankets, comforters, bath towels, area rugs and more. That means a ton of laundry even for a small property. While most hotels have their own laundry facility is it still easy to fall behind. If you let our linen cleaning service do some, or all, of your laundry you will always have clean laundry when you need it.

Commercial Laundry Services for Restaurants and Bars

It is important to have the linens at your business to always be beyond reproach. Because if you have stained and dirty linens, it could be a red flag to your customers that your kitchen is not very clean either. We have expert launderers that can handle tough stains like lipstick on napkins and spilled sauces on tablecloths. Our restaurant laundry service will make sure that your linens and uniforms always look clean and professional.

Commercial Laundry Services for Medical Facilities

Medical facilities have a higher standard of cleanliness then most. Having a clean place of business in essential to give your patients peace of mind. Not every medical facility has the same laundry needs. A hospital may have blankets, sheets, towels, scrubs and more. A dentist office may only need towels and capes washed. Our medical laundry service is equipped to handle it all. We will even wash patient's laundry at long term care facilities. 

Commercial Laundry Services for Spas and Salons

When you go to a spa or a salon you expect to be pampered with soft, cushy towels and robes. Don't disappoint your customers with scratchy towels that have been over laundered to get out the nail polish, hair dye and other harsh chemicals. When you use our towel cleaning service we have professional launderers who know how to get your items clean without sacrificing the texture.

Commercial Laundry Services for Airbnbs, VRBOs, and other Vacation Rentals

Taking care of a vacation rental can be downright chaotic. With guests constantly coming and going at varying days and times makes it challenging to clean your laundry before you next guests arrive. And it is probably a good amount of laundry. With everything from kitchen towels to bedroom comforters, it can be hard to keep up. Let our airbnb laundry service take care of that laundry for you. We will work with your schedule to make sure you always have clean linens when you need them.

Commercial Laundry Services for Students

When some students head off to college they know how to do their laundry, but don't have the time to do it. Others have never done their own laundry in their lives and have no idea where to begin. Our student laundry service can help. We can pick up your dirty laundry from your dorm and bring it back to you in 24 hours. Don't lug your laundry up and down floors when we can come to you!